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Scarlett O'feathers

Scarlett O'Feathers is a female Eclectus Roratus Vosimaeri Parrot. The Eclectus is known for being the only parrot species that exhibits a visible difference between the sexs from birth. The Female Eclectus is predominantly red, with touches of purple and green, and depending on the sub-species a tail that shades from deep wine red to a bright yellow. The male of the species is a brilliant green with "Candy Corn" colored upper beak.

In the wild the female guards the nest and for that reason they are more demanding and aggressive of the pair. When frightened the female crouches and becomes quiet, as a nesting bird trying to be invisible. In captivity, the female bonds closely with one person and will tolerate attentions from few others. Scarlet will allow me to handle her freely with only occasional grumblings and gentle warnings, but any one else is barely tolerated to simply hold her. Scarlet loves to ride with me in the car or to go to work with me. She watches all that goes on around her. She sings along with the radio and dances on her perch any time I get my hat and keys.

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